10 Tips On How To Find Affiliates To Sell Your Products

10 Tips On How To Find Affiliates To Sell Your Products

Have you already started your affiliate program but are still having difficulties finding new affiliate partners to promote your products? In the following list, we’ll give you the best way to find and retain affiliate partners.

1.Make Your Affiliate Program More Visible

Insert a link to your affiliate program on your website. You can just put it in your footer. Affiliates tend to look there first as this is the typical place to link to your affiliate program information and sing-up page.

2.Invite Influencers and Niche Bloggers to Review Your Products

Look for influencers in your niche and reach out to them directly. Try to create a long term relationship – don’t just pitch your affiliate program. Have them test your products for free first, then introduce them to your affiliate program and offer them to publish comprehensive reviews.

3.Offer VIP Conditions for Best Performing Affiliates

Reward your highest performing associates with increased commissions or special performance bonuses.

4.Search websites that you think best complement your service or product and and reach out to encourage them to join your program.

5.Write Clear Terms of Your Program

This one goes with out saying – try to offer clear and easy to understand commission structure and payout options.

6.Growth Hack Your Product

Get creative and use one of the best growth hacks to boost your product’s exposure and find affiliates organically.

7.Create a Page with Most Important Facts About Your Program

Do not forget to include these main points:
– commissions (how much $ affiliates get from a sale)
– length of cookies (days, months)
– who gets the commission (the first, last or all referring affiliates)
– payment (when, how)

8.Offer an Attractive Commission

Be generous and offer high motivating commission for your affiliates. Avoid offering low commission as 5-10% unless your products are very costly, try to get your commission as close as you can to 25-30%. If you run a SaaS, our recommended commission is 20%-30%.

9.Have an Amazing Product

Offering high commission is not enough, you need to own a great product/service which actually attracts a lot of customers and mainly appears interesting to your affiliates.

10.Join Affiliate Communities

This gives you the possibility to get in touch with your potential affiliates in an inexpensive way. Try to help them with their problems, write some tips and tricks for them and you can undirectly promote your own affiliate program as well.

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